Trips organized on demand for a small group.
Prices according to the number of persons in the group.


For the Trips to Paradise, one energy treatment by Damir and Dominique and one Hijama (cupping therapy) are included.

A trip to Paradise
A journey in conscience on Prokosko lake in Bosnia, a magic and protected place of exceptional beauty.

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Prokosko lake

This magnificent place is now a protected national park with no electricity or wifi. In this place we are naturally drawn inside ourselves and we can put down the dense energetic baggage that we carry from the events and emotional stress our lives.
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This lake is the home of tritons, a species considered, in the mythology, like a male siren.
They are an very ancient and protected species, which live in clear waters with a lot of oxygen.
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This journey is dedicated to purification, letting go of old patterns and opening to receiving. Receiving the love that you are and the love of the universe for you.

It is the end of the old and the beginning of a paradigme and lifestream.
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The gardian we can see at the entrance of Prokosko


Two day trips are organized during this itinerary.
One day in Visoko, will will meditate in the tunnels of Ravne and at the pyramids. We will learn about the ancient technology and the untold history.
One day in Zavidovici where we will see and feel
the stone spheres that are proven now to be artificially made.
Near the giant stone sphere, discovered last year, we shall also connect to
the dimensional portal that is there.


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The giant stone sphere discovered last year

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Through the portal


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The pyramid of the sun at sunrise.

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In the tunnels, the megalith K5, weighing more than 25 tons.


During this stay we will do several workshops of energy exercises, simple but efficient, to clear our sub psyche and to open our hearts and minds.
Also, for those who wish, you will start to learn and to prepare Alchemy Elixir of plants.
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On the right our friend Anna. An Elf in a peaceful sleep!
On the left, meditation on the lake.


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We will stay in the house at the center of the picture

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The view from the house


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Here there is no need for organic labelling, almost everything is produced locally by small producers in a natural way. In Prokosko especially we benefit of the delicious house cooking of our neighbors, made out homemade and homegrown products.

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