Our approach is guided by a deep instinct that Human beings are multi-dimensional. Our radiance and beauty come from the inside, we build ourselves from the inside out and there can be no lasting change in a person's life unless they change inwardly. Seemingly tiny changes can alter our whole balance and open our consciousness. The way we see things changes and new horizons open up to us.

Our products are created out of this holistic vision of human beings.
Each chakra represents a doorway, a meeting point and a stage in our personal development. We have chosen to make our journey through the chakras and to link simple, pleasing balms, scents and melodies with them. The aim is to get in touch with our own light and to play with it like a child making an amazing discovery.
It is a world which cannot be fully described in words, it only comes to life when we become involved and bring our own energy and experience to it. This is what makes it so individual.
The path is open before us and it is up to each of us to take the first step!

Helia has adopted a mission to develop a new approach to wellness products which takes all the dimensions of a human being into account. It is a sensual, simple and light-hearted approach that aims to open up new horizons and stimulate free thinking.