In the course of our travels and meetings, so many people have expressed a deep interest in finding out about the chakras, subtle energies and self knowledge, but many of them imagined that this involved difficult, complicated teachings. People tend to think that it means adhering to a philosophy or religion, or that they will need to withdraw from the world to go and meditate in a cave. But in this field, as in many others, taking the first step is what counts the most. You do not need to be Mozart to love music, or a contemplative mystic to want to find yourself, your light, your greatness and inner peace.
Spirituality is not something that can be taught; it is an inner journey where at times we are glad to come across certain paths or keys along the way which resonate with us and open up new horizons.

Our products are the culmination of this reflection and of our holistic vision of human beings.
We wanted to share our years of practice and research in the field of subtle energies and essential oils by creating products which appeal to our senses as well as our essence.
The way we are offering is sensual and light-hearted and does not require any specific knowledge, only your attention and participation.

We wish you a wonderful journey as you explore the beauty of your energy, your light and yourself!

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Dominique Faure is the founder of Helia. Her path of life and her desire to give it a meaningful direction, led her to study the energy dimension of the human being. She studied various philosophies, then spent 10 years to practise and study with a shaman and alchemist . Trained in various techniques of energy healing, she decided to create the products which seemed to her to be a necessary contribution to a new way of taking care of oneself from day to day, by taking care of our energy which is our essence.