A Kiss from a Rose is the first « Alchemy Water » created by Helia to inaugurate the development of a new line of vibratory products. We add, to a 100% natural formula, elixirs of flowers and plants obtained by an alchemical process.

A Kiss from a Rose

A Kiss from a Rose is a sublime composite of floral water, essential oils and alchemical elixir; formulated to bring all to you the quintessential elements of a rose.
The damascus rose essential oil, the rose water and the elixir complement themselves for a unique olfactory and vibratory experience.


A Kiss from a Rose encourages us to return to the essence of what is a perfume: a fragrant and vibratory treatment which resounds with our most intimate emotions. This Alchemy Water envelopes us  with softness and assists us in gaining central focus while opening our hearts to love. For that body and soul is at the heart of our being.