Our exquisite aroma-energising balms offer a new, multi-sensory approach to the world of the chakras.
They have a powerful effect for harmonising and and healing your energy centers.
They are rich, silky and soft to the touch and are made from rare natural extracts to nourish the skin and give an exceptionally comfortable massage. Their individual olfactory signals resonate with our inner equilibrium. Each balm contain a complex of 9 up to 12 essential oils.
Their colour, made of mineral pigments, light the way on our journey with their different shades chosen to to amplify the resonance with the light of the chakras.

The balms are complemented by
Harmony of the Senses body treatment oil.
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VISUALISATION of the color or light of the chakra is as accurate as sensing it is recommended to accompany the massages, scents and melodies. This is where each person will bring their own personal touch and practice, and some people will visualise the colours whilst others will experience them.
As a starting point we suggest a colour for each chakra based on the western alchemy tradition, and these may differ from the colours used in other traditions. You can start from other reference points just as effectively, or go by your instinct at the time. Our advice: whatever colour or colours you visualise, don’t judge, just feel tthey are radiant and translucent.

Choose one, two or three balms, which will be your balms for the day's journey. Some people choose them according to colour, others like to select the perfumes or the themes.
Massage the area of the chakra in a gentle, slow and circular movement and immerse yourself in the sensation of the light of the chakra spreading throughout the whole area being massage and the whole body.