Journeys in the heart of You
Bosnia and Herzegovina

6 journeys, 3 itinerary.

In small groups of maximum 6 participants.

Itinerary n°1
Journey into the heart of the land of the Dragons
-From the 16 to the 23 of April (ITINERARY)
-From the 1st to the 8 of October (ITINERARY)
More info on the page : Journey on the land of the Dragons

Itinerary n°2 Journey into the heart of the land of the Dragons
-From the 18 to the 25 of June celebration of the solstice at the Pyramids (ITINERARY)
-From the 17 to the 24 of September celebration of the equinox at the Pyramids (ITINERARY)
More info on the page : Journey on the land of the Dragons

Itinerary A trip to Paradise
-From the 24 to the 31 of May (ITINERARY)
-From the 27 of August to the 3 of September (ITINERARY)
More info on the page : Trip to Paradise

More info on the page: "Journey on the land of the Dragons"
More info on the page: "Trip to Paradise"

In the itinerary n°1 we have more time on the road as we chose to offer you to discover more locations of great interest and we go all the way to the coast of Croatia and Montenegro..

In both english and french language.


For the Trips to Paradise, one energy treatment by Damir and Dominique and one Hijama (cupping therapy) are included.

During these trips , we will visit exceptional places, both for the beauty of the landscapes, as well as their powerful vibrational effects, places of power and light.

It is also an invitation to reconsider the history of humanity as it was presented to us long ago.
complex of pyramids and tunnels in Visoko in Bosnia is a recent discovery (2005) but many people have already experienced the rejuvenating effect induce by a stay in the tunnels of Ravne.

We will also visit other incredible places I'll let you see in the program.

During the trip we will do
different meditations and energy exercises to allow us to connect more deeply to ourselves and to the places we visit.

These trips have been prepared to allow us to regenerate our bodies, to open our mind,
to integrate increasingly our being in our bodies and our hearts and of course having lots of fun as the bosnian have an incredible sense of humor.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 


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When trees blossom,
when dunya calms, (dunya - this world)
Soul weeps with longing,
We parted so long ago.

This heaven above us
Is shadow made of curtains,
Heavenly tower
Is in our chests.

Spring is inside of us
When it melts with tears
Even desert blossoms
Giving a picture of Cennet:) (Cennet-Paradise)