Journeys in conscience in the heart of the land of the Dragons
Bosnia and Herzegovina

6 journeys, 3 itinerary.

In small groups of maximum 6 participants.

Itinerary n°1
Journey into the heart of the land of the Dragons
-From the 16 to the 23 of April (ITINERARY)
-From the 1st to the 8 of October (ITINERARY)
More info on the page : Journey on the land of the Dragons

Itinerary n°2 Journey into the heart of the land of the Dragons
-From the 18 to the 25 of June celebration of the solstice at the Pyramids (ITINERARY)
-From the 17 to the 24 of September celebration of the equinox at the Pyramids (ITINERARY)
More info on the page : Journey on the land of the Dragons

In the itinerary n°1 we have more time on the road as we chose to offer you to discover more locations of great interest and we go all the way to the coast of Croatia and Montenegro..

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Itinerary A trip to Paradise
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These trips are in small groups of maximum 6 participants, this allows a fluidity and a richness of interactions between all of us. We can also adjust the program and stay longer in some places according to the sensitivity of the group.

Videos at the bottom of the page.


voyage initiatique eau chamane

Throughout history water has been a symbol of regeneration, healing and purification, both physically and spiritually, that is what we will experience during this trip!

This small country is naturally shaped like a heart by its mountains and rivers.
There are 262 rivers and about 200 lakes on this amazing land.

Βοσώνα -Bosona, was the name given to Bosnia by the ancient Greek and means country filled with signs, codes or ornaments.
According to the philologist Anton Mayer, the name Bosna can be derived from the Illyrian "Bass-an-ace" meaning
« running water ».

Water and it's properties are so important for us and our planet!
All the latest discoveries about water puzzled the scientists, although a lot of discoveries has been made these last decades, water is still a mystery to us.

You can see very interesting videos about water at the bottom of this page.


Stacks Image 255
Visoko is located at the junction of two rivers, Bosna and Foinica and this is no accident as you will see!
We will visit the tunnels of Ravne and meditatie in places arranged for this purpose near the megaliths found in tunnels.
Our guide will provide us with explanations and scientific discoveries made to date.
We will feel the incredible power of regeneration that is present in these tunnels and we will see the different structures discovered in the Valley of the Pyramids.

Stolac and Daorson

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Daorson is another one of those mysterious places where history can not convincingly explain how it was built or at what time.
We will feel what the place and the stones have to show us!
voyage initiatique daorson bosnie
"Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.” 
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voyage initiatique soufis bosnie blabaj
Blagaj at the source of the Buna River and Tekkie House home of dervishes, that is built against the rock wall.This is another "magic" or the simple fact of being there generates deep peace and the feeling of receiving a shower cleaning all our energy bodies.
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Here, We can feel and see the presence of the dragons (like in most of the paces we visit).

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The meditation room in the house, contains an energy portal which alignment and cleaning effects are extremely powerful.

Kravice waterfall and Narona

Kravice waterfall
Stacks Image 291
The images speak for themselves, angelic presences and nature spirits!
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Stacks Image 299
This town existed before Rome, there are so many layers of history to discover!
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People in this area, stil call themselves by the name of an ancient tribe that existed there a long time ago.
We will see again
energy active places.
Stacks Image 303
An outdoor baptistery which allows to feel, when it is activated, what really happened when people were baptized. It is the activation of a beautiful vortex of light in us and around us.
We can even feel the water in a dry well!
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The stone spheres
Stacks Image 312
Those stone spheres are an archaelogical mystery, other spheres almost identical has been discovered in Costa Rica and Guatemala ant the native people there consider them as sacred.
Stacks Image 316
The orbs followed us during our whole journey.
Stacks Image 320
This giant stone sphere has been discovered in march last year and is almost 4 meters diameter!
Stacks Image 324
The energy that it’s emit is incredible and it is linked to a dimentional portal a few meters away.
Stacks Image 328
The material, from which this stone sphere is made of, has been analyzed. It turns out that it is composed of magnetite, iron oxide, muscovite, quartz and basalt cement.
The presence of basalt cement definitely shows us that
this sphere has been artificially made.
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Stacks Image 338
Once again we find ourselves at the meeting of two rivers along the water and it is not tby chance!
Stacks Image 343
This bridge in Visegrad, on the Drina river, is the subject of a book, the author received the Nobel Prize for Literature for it. We will see that the false door on the wall is a true portal connected to a power source under water.

The monastery of Dobrun

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The monastery of Dobrun is built in a natural, mountain shaped, half circle, on a spring and near a river.
The energy there is extremely feminine, this monastery, dedicated to the Mother Mary, will bring us into the presence of the
sacred feminine.
It is located 12 km from the city of Visegrad.

More places we visit in itinerary n°1

The monastery of Ostrog

voyage initiatique ostrog
This monastery is a place of pilgrimage in Montenegro. It was founded in the 17th century by an orthodox monk who was known to welcome people from all religions and beliefs.
It is also know for miraculous healing that took place there.
Stacks Image 437
The original chapel in a cave.

Herceg Novi

voyage innitiatique herceg novi
A magnificent place on the coast of Montenegro to enjoy and rest.
voyage initiatique herceg novi
Visit of the city or time to rest, with a possibility of massage treatment.

L'arboretum de Trsteno

voyages initiatiques arboretum trsteno2
voyages initiatiques arboretum trsteno

A very ancient arboretum on the Croatian coast. The spirit of the place invites us into the enchantment of the surrounding nature.

The Stecaks

Stacks Image 468
These huge stone blocks are supposed to be tombs, according to the academic archeology.
In reality less than a thousand of those blocks, on the 70 000 that exist, have been found with bones underneath.
The ancient civilisation that created such a huge amount of those blocks couldn't have done it to bury less than a thousand people.
This is another archeological mystery!
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Stacks Image 476
These Stecaks can be seen in the middle of nowhere or on the side of the roads.
We shall see some that are very vibratorily active.

You can see an interesting video about them at the bottom of this page.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 


Below, some videos we like on the mystery of water and on Bosnia and Herzegovina.